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A New Era for Halston Heritage
March 28th 2013 marked the opening of the Premier Halston Heritage store located on Madison Avenue and 83rd Street. This two-story 4,400 square foot flagship marks a key milestone not only in the brand's evolution, but also the return to the iconic street 45 years after founder Roy Halston Frowick opened his first store there in 1968.

On April 19th 2013, just three weeks after the Premier Halston Heritage store opened on Madison Avenue in New York, a second store opened in Los Angeles. The 3,000 square foot boutique at Beverly Centre pays tribute to Roy Halston Frowick's timeless and minimalist style.

This contemporary brand that is Halston Heritage, has created an interesting concept behind the brand that borrows elements from his life and his personal townhouse to give visitors an experience that is entirely unique to the Halston Heritage brand. This embodies a vision of Halston updated for the 21st century whilst maintaining its unique history of the brand.

As you can see from these images, Goldsmith mannequins are used throughout the Halston Heritage stores. For more images and articles on the Halston Heritage brand please browse the Gallery and News sections on our website.