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New Modular Art and Furniture Collection 
Goldsmith Inc are pleased to announce their brand new 'Modular Art and Furniture Collection'. The Modular Art and Furniture Collection features four uniquely designed pieces of furniture that builds this particular collection; Modular Art Unit, Modular Art Chair, Modular Large Table and Modular Small Table.

This exclusive collection from Goldsmith is inspired by the works of Constantin Brancusi and many other great sculptors and designers of the early Modernism movement. This elegant collection offers infinite possibilities for different furniture compositions, allowing clients to transform their retail space with a wide range of outcomes while creating their own distinct style on the collection.

Create infinite combinations of towers with variable heights using the Modular Art Units, accompany them with the Modular Art Chair or even the Modular Tables, the potential for your perfect store environment is endless.

This Modular Art and Furniture Collection is available in a wide-range of custom finishes to suit your retail space. For more information or any enquiries on the Modular Art & Furniture collection, please contact Goldsmith via the details provided on the Contact page.